Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so special about imPRESS compared to other press-on nails?

  • NO GLUE NEEDED! Unlike competitors, imPRESS is THE One-Step NO Glue Mani! With a patented SuperHold adhesive and exclusive dual-layer technology, the top layer of the imPRESS nail binds to the nail, and the bottom layer of the imPRESS nail binds to your natural nail, for stay put perfection!
  • A high-performance resin material makes imPRESS nails incredibly strong, durable, and waterproof.
  • The pre-polished gel top layer has a flawless, chip proof finish.

How to apply and remove imPRESS?

Size: Before application, align nails with tab sides facing your cuticles and find correct size for each nail (jot down the # shown on the tab on each nail–1 is largest, 11 is smallest–for future use.) imPRESS nails can't be wider than your nail bed, so If you're in between sizes, size down.
Prep: Wash and dry hands. Use included manicure stick to push back cuticles. Wipe nails with the included prep pad (the most important step).
Apply: Peel backing from nail. Position nail at your cuticle and press it down on your natural nail--in the center and at both sides--and hold for 30 seconds.
Tips: Apply thumbnails last. For exposed adhesive, brush clear nail polish between your nail and the imPRESS nail to seal any stickiness. Wait 30-minutes to wet hands or file nails.
Removal: Apply cuticle or other oil around the nail, then slide the nail off with your fingers or nudge it off with the manicure stick. Don't force or pull the nail off.

How long does imPRESS last?

When properly applied, and depending on your lifestyle, imPRESS wears up to 5 days, but you can change your nail style as often as you want (even every day), to match your outfit or your mood at the moment.

Can the nails be cut or filed?

File the nails to any length and shape you like but wait 30-minutes after initial application. We don't recommend cutting the nails.

If imPRESS nails pop off:

  • Follow "Prep", "Size", and "Tips", in "How to apply" FAQ, above.
  • Apply nails correctly, with the tabs facing your cuticle.
  • Avoid using your nails as a tool such as to tear, scrape, pry, peel, or pull.

If you need a Prep Pad:

Each kit includes one Prep Pad, but you can use rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball in its place.

If your hair snags in your nails:

Apply clear nail polish to underside of your nail tips to seal any sticky residue that can otherwise attract debris or snag your hair.

If some imPRESS doesn't fit your nail bed:

We sell sizes for everyone! For a short nail bed=Short nails. A long nail bed=Medium length. Tiny nail beds=Petite size. Wider nail beds=Wider Fit. Square shape=all nails. Coffin or Oval shape=For all nails but might be a bit narrow for some medium to wide nails.